Image 250GB PS3 – Uploaded by PseudoGil

Alrighty boys and girls, last week was XBOX 360 week with various deals on the Microsoft console, this week belongs to Sony and the Playstation 3.

Best Buy and Future Shop both have the 160GB Playstation 3 on sale for $219.99 (original $249.99). That’s not all. You’ll also receive a FREE game with your purchase. Depending on where you pick up the PS3, you’ll either receive Metal Gear Solid 4, or Uncharted 2.

Future Shop – Playstation 3 w/ Metal Gear Solid 4
Best Buy – Playstation 3 w/ Uncharted 2

I’d go for Uncharted 2 over Metal Gear Solid any day… but that’s just me. Both games are Playstation exclusives and can’t be played on a XBOX 360. Sale ends September 29, 2011.

Thanks for the tip Kris B.!