Image water – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Have you ever wonder how water gets from Shoal Lake into your tap? The city has just posted a Virtual Tour of Winnipeg’s water treatment plant located at Deacon Reservoir.

“We get many requests from university, grade school and community groups to tour our new drinking water treatment plant. While we would be very proud to showcase the leading edge technology at this facility, we aren’t able to offer public tours because of strict security protocol,” said Diane Sacher, Manager of the City’s Water Services. “As an alternative, we have developed an online virtual tour that guides viewers through the plant and illustrates the treatment processes, including coagulation, flocculation, dissolved air flotation, filtration, and three types of disinfection.”

About Winnipeg’s Water Treatment Plant:

– First started delivering water on December 9, 2009
– Approximately 12,000 square metres (size of MTS Centre)
– Can treat 400 million litres of water per day
– Eliminates the risk of waterborne disease
– Reduces the level of harmful disinfection by-products
– Improves the taste, odour and appearance of the City’s tap water