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Due to overwhelming demand, the Winnipeg Jets will be holding a random draw for a very limited number of seats available on a game by game basis. Winners of the draw will be awarded the opportunity to purchase 2 game tickets. This random drawing will allow for a fair and equal distribution of game tickets to Winnipeg Jets fans. The draw will also ensure that a maximum number of fans are given the opportunity to purchase tickets and that no one person has greater access than the next.

Here are the details:

* Winnipeg Jets individual game tickets will go On-Sale approximately the 3rd Saturday of each month for the following months games. (i.e. November games go on-sale on October 15th, December games go on-sale November 19th, etc)
* Individual game ticket purchasers will be determined via a random draw.
* Starting September 15th, Jets fans can complete an online ballot at that will be entered into the draw. Only one entry per person will be acknowledged.
* Each month, fans will be randomly chosen and provided a unique password that they will then use on a private page at to purchase seats. Only the selected accounts will have access to available tickets.
* Draw winners will be given the opportunity to purchase 2 tickets. These tickets can be split up as one pair to one game or two singles to two games.
* Ballot entry will remain open throughout the season. Fans DO NOT have to re-enter each month. Winning names are not re-entered into the draw once they have been selected.
* Any un-claimed seats after the lottery purchase period will be offered to the Waiting List members, then open to the general public.

Note: Cut off for October Games’ draw is 2:00 PM (Central) on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

Click here to enter the draw.