Load up your NHL 12 videogame! EA Sports has finally released an online update that will give the Winnipeg Jet’s their new Jerseys! Even the Winnipeg fans are sporting new logo merchandise!

The November 1 Update Includes:

• Winnipeg Jets 2011-2012 jerseys, pants and socks
• *. John’s IceCaps jerseys, pants and socks
• Several fixes for freezing issues
• Disabling of all buttons not used during net battles to fix net battles exploit
• Improved the fidelity required to break the glass from a hit
• Several Goalie Improvements
• Several Physics improvements
• Several AI improvements
• Improved interference penalty logic
• Performance trackers fixes
• Fix for goalie injuries while simming with injuries turned off
• Double OT fix for no goals being scored after sim

The update is available through Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.