Image Jets License Plate – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

In just over a week, the original run of 20,000 Winnipeg Jets license plates were completely sold out. The plates cost $70, with $30 going towards the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation.

Due to popular demand, on Friday, December 23, 2011 an additional 5,000 Winnipeg Jets licence plates will be available at Autopac agents. Customers are encouraged to call their Autopac agent to confirm additional plates have been received before heading out on Friday.

Yes, these plates can be purchased as a Christmas gift!


Q: Can I purchase a Jet plate for a friend?

A: Yes. But both the person gifting the plate and the person receiving the plate must have qualifying active policies. As with the transfer of specialty plates, the person giving the plates has to provide written authorization to the recipient.

Q: Can I give my Jet plate to another person?

A: Yes. Specialty plates can be transferred to another customer that is not a family member as long as the new plate owner presents a letter from the previous owner giving permission for the plates to be transferred.

Q: I own a set of Blue Bomber plates. Can I have a Bomber plate on the front of my vehicle, and Jet plate at the rear?

A: No. The plates cannot be mixed. Either your vehicle has Bomber plates, or Jet plates. You can change plates as the sporting seasons change. Customers must also notify their Autopac agent prior to doing so.