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Here were the top 10 read articles in 2011… Winnipeg sure loves their poutine!!!

10. VIDEO: Maria Aragon on The Ellen Show
Maria Aragon was on YouTube’s top 10 most watched videos in the world, so there is no question that she would also make Access Winnipeg’s top 10 list.

9. Forever 21 Winnipeg Opening Saturday March 12
The announcement for Winnipeg’s first Forever 21 location was made late 2010. News that it was finally going to open in March spread fast. If you were out at Polo Park this Boxing Day… then you definitely understand the success of this company.

8. PHOTO: Winnipeg Jets License Plate
This photo of a mock up Winnipeg Jet’s license plates had more hits that the plates itself. It was created even before MPI announced that they were releasing Jet’s plates. The design was very popular with our readers and almost matched the current designs.

7. Winnipeg Jets in EA Sports NHL 12 Video Game
Videogamers all around Winnipeg celebrated when they found out EA was going to include the Winnipeg Jets in their latest videogame. Since the cutoff time was pretty close, they were only able to include the team without their jerseys or logo.

6. List of Winnipeg Blockbuster Stores Closing
The worlds biggest video rental chain claimed bankruptcy this year which lead to clearance sales all over the city! Brand new recent-release videogames could be had for less than $20!

5. Winnipeg NHL: Drive to 13,000
The announcement of the Winnipeg Jets returning to Winnipeg flooded the internet earlier this year! The Drive to 13,000 post was information regarding True North’s push to sell 13,000 season tickets. They had no problem at all doing that.

4. Aeropostale Opening at St. Vital Centre
Aeropostale opening it’s first ever Winnipeg location at St Vital was a very popular post. Many Winnipeggers travel down south on long weekends to shop at this store. There are less reasons than ever to travel down to the states to shop.

3. MPI 45% Rebate Cheques Incoming!
We all celebrated Christmas a bit early this year when MPI gave us all a 45% rebate on our premiums!! Wait a minute… what did I do with that money again?!?

2. 50% OFF McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder Burger
Winnipeg loves it’s fast food!! The Angus Third Pounder Burger went on sale at 50% off this year, and Winnipeg’s went crazy for it!

1. Smoke’s Poutinerie Opening in Winnipeg This May
We sure love our Poutine!!! Poutinerie opened up its first Winnipeg location this year and it was an immediate success. The line ups were long, but the poutine was delicious!