Kobo eReader $39.99
Image Kobo – Uploaded by Michael Kalus

Just in time for Mothers Day, Kobo is selling a refurbished Wi-Fi edition eReader for only $39.99 (regular $69.99). I’ve haven’t had any experience with refurbished Kobo products, but I’ve heard it could be hit and miss.

Pre-loaded with 100 free classic eBooks.

With a 6” glare-free e-ink screen, Kobo Wi Fi provides crisp reading that’s easy on the eyes. Shop our more than 2.5 million eBooks, newspapers and magazines over WiFi, and carry a library of up to 1,000 books with you, anywhere you go. Best of all, Kobo Wi Fi comes pre-loaded with 100 free classic eBooks!

What is a Refurbished eReader? Its an eReader that Kobo has returned to its original specification and tested to ensure it looks and operates just like a brand new eReader.

A perfect and affordable way to introduce your Mother into the digital age. If she doesn’t like it, she can stick to paper books with little loss. You can also add .ePub’s you ‘purchase’ from the internet without hassle. [KOBO]