Manitoba Provincial Park Camping Rules
Image Gold Creek Bonfire – Uploaded by Canadian Veggie

Another long weekend is among us which means Manitoba Provincial Parks will be full of campers all weekend long.

Here is a quick recap of Manitoba Provincial Park camping rules to ensure you don’t run into any problems with fellow campers and park patrol.

Provincial Campgrounds are very strict with these rules. If you’re planning a camping trip with friends and are planning on making a lot noise, you might want to consider campgrounds which aren’t ran by the Province. Red Lake Falls in Minnesota is probably the best lenient campground near Winnipeg.

Quiet Time: Quiet time is between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. Use of loud equipment, such as chain saws, radios or generators, during this time is prohibited. Don’t forget that this rule goes both ways! No noise past 11pm, and no noise before 9am!!

Consumption of alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only in the permit holder’s camping unit and on his / her assigned site, and in accordance with the requirements of The Liquor Control Act and under The Provincial Parks Act and Regulations. Alcohol is not permitted in provincial park campgrounds during the May Long weekend. Certain group use areas remain liquor free all season.

Guests: A campsite may be occupied after 11 p.m. only by the permit holder and his/her immediate family or group as indicated on the camping permit. The permit holder is responsible for the conduct of all persons using the site.

Only one motor vehicle per campsite: If you have visitors coming to your campsite, they must leave their vehicles in designated parking areas. Only one vehicle is permitted in each campsite unless approved by an officer.

Maximum speed of 20 km/hr: The speed limit in campgrounds is 20 km/hr. All motor vehicles operated in campgrounds must meet the requirements of The Highway Traffic Act (except for specialized park maintenance vehicles). Motor vehicles not defined by the act (such as trail bikes/ATV’s) are prohibited, or restricted to designated areas or trails.

Campfires: Campfires are prohibited except in designated firepits and must be extinguished when the site is unoccupied. Firewood, where provided, is for campsite permit holders’ use only. Removal of cut firewood from a provincial park is prohibited. Cutting or gathering living or dead wood for your fire is prohibited, as is any unauthorized collection of living or dead vegetation in Manitoba’s provincial parks.

Fireworks: Use of fireworks is prohibited in Manitoba’s provincial parks.