Marble Slab: $18 for Large Ice Cream Cake
Image #272 | Marble Slab – Uploaded by terrypresley is back with a Large Ice Cream Cake from Marble Slab for only $18 (regular $35). I took advantage of this deal during the holiday season and the cake was a hit! The cake will feed 10-12. 48 hours noticed required on cake orders. Valid only at the 851 Dakota Street Marble Slab Creamery.

There are 3 options in total (not just cakes):
Option 1: 2 medium ice cream or low fat frozen yogurts with 1 mixin’ for each for $5
Option 2: a large ice cream cake for $18
Option 3: 1 To-Go Litre of ice cream $5

Tax included for ice-cream cake and To-Go Litre of ice cream. Taxes not included on 2 medium ice cream or low fat frozen yogurts.

Check out for a list of Ice Cream cakes. [TEAMBUY]