Remember to Recycle Your Old Phone Books
Image Untitled – Uploaded by Keisuke Omi

Residents are reminded to recycle thier old phone books as new ones arrive. Phone books can be placed in the blue box or apartment recycling bins.

Residents can also put their phone books in the “Paper” bin at any of the seven recycling depots in the city. The depots are open 24 hours every day and are located at:

* Garden City Shopping Centre along Kingsbury Avenue
* Southdale Shopping Centre, Fermor Avenue at Lakewood Boulevard
* St. James Civic Centre, Ness Avenue at Guildford Street
* Transcona, Ravelston Avenue at Chrislind Street
* 1539 Waverley Street at Chevrier Boulevard
* Pan Am Pool, Poseidon Bay at Taylor Avenue
* Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre, 430 Langside Street

These books use a LOT of paper, so lets help out the environment!