New Canadian Duty Free Limits
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It looks like it’s time for a road trip to Grand Forks! The Canadian Government has increased the amount of money Canadians are allowed to spend in the U.S. The new limits are effective as of today.

You’ll still have to stay in the U.S. at least 24 hours to bring back goods without being charged duty. Volume and quantity limits on alcohol and tobacco products also remain unchanged.

There are already more than 50 million visits to the U.S. by Canadian residents annually, with the new limits, that number is expected to increase. If you thought the line ups at the border were bad, then be prepared for worse.

New limits are as follows:

* 24 hours or more: $200 (up from $50)
* 2 – 7 Days: $800 (up from $400)
* 7 Days or more: $800 (up from $750)

Unfortunately, there are no changes to the” less than 24-hours” duty rules for day trips to the U.S. This mainly affects Winnipeggers who can drive to Grand Forks and back within a day. Americans are currently allowed to bring back $200 on same day trips to Canada. But the continuing lack of a same-day exemption should offset the economic impact of the duty limit increase on stays of 24 hours or more. [THESTAR.COM]