Zellers Winnipeg Liquidation Sales Have Begun
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Zellers has begun liquidation sales at 2 of the 3 Winnipeg locations that will be converted into Targets in 2013.

The two locations are:
* Winnipeg Kildonan: 1545 Regent Avenue
* Winnipeg Southwood: 35 Lakewood Blvd

As with other liquidations, the sales will start off with a small % discount and get larger as the closing date arrives (no official closing date yet). Remember, that most flyer coupons will not work at liquidation stores. Also, all sales are FINAL.

Liquidation Store Information:

* Zellers stores in Liquidation do not participate in the Zellers Flyer offers, HBC Credit and HBC Rewards offers.
* ALL SALES at this location ARE FINAL.
* Purchases at this location cannot be returned, exchanged or price adjusted, even with a receipt, proof of purchase or gift enclosure. This location will not process any returns, exchanges or price adjustments for purchases made at any other Zellers store location. The return policy for HBC MasterCard or HBC Credit Card holders is not valid at any Zellers liquidation store location nor will it apply to any purchases made at a liquidation store.
* Rain cheques are no longer issued at this or any other Zellers store in Liquidation. All rain cheques printed in this location (before the start of Liquidation) will be honoured at any other local Zellers store, which is not in Liquidation.
* Vendor coupons are accepted at all Zellers stores in Liquidation. All other Zellers/Facebook coupons are not accepted.
* HBC Gift Cards and other POSA (Point of Sale Activation) gift cards, Lottery tickets, Total Guard warranty, Tobacco, Vending Machines and Magazines are available during liquidation; however these products will not be discounted.
* “Seniors’ Day” Discounts will not be offered at a Zellers store in Liquidation. Please be advised than when exiting Zellers premises your purchases may be subject to a sales receipt check by our greeters.