They may be fashionably late, but Aritzia has finally entered the world of e-commerce. The store has gone a long way from being a single Aritzia shop at a Vancouver mall in 1984. They have now branched out to 52 stores (11 in the United States) in the past four years.

Aritzia has eight exclusive house brands. They are: A Moveable Feast (a minimalistic line that could easily be classified as the darkest, edgiest, and newest of their lines), Community (the ethical line featuring organic and sustainable materials), Talula (for the outgoing and fashion conscious), T.Babaton (catered towards young professionals), TNA (for the outgoing, active Vancouverite at heart), Wilfred (their more feminine, fashion forward line with attention to detail and quality), Wilfred Free (a more casual, comfortable version of the Wilfred line), and Le Fou by Wilfred (vintage inspired and made with luxe fabrics). A ninth exclusive brand, Park Life for Aritzia, was an officially licensed line of apparel for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. [ARITZIA]