Ever get screwed over when coming in for a routine oil change? We’ve all seen it before, and beginning July 1, 2013, the province is introducing new rules to ensure consumers get clear and fair treatment at Repair Shops.

The new rules will protect Manitobans from unauthorized repairs, repairs costing more than the estimate, the use of refurbished parts without the consumer’s knowledge and repairs that do not last.

Under the new rules, repair shops must:

* offer written estimates to consumers for any repair over $100 and ensure final charges for the repair work are within 10 per cent of the estimate;
* provide a written invoice itemizing costs for parts, labour and other charges, which includes information about warranty terms and consumer rights;
* obtain authorization for repairs before they are made and record this information;
* provide warranties for all parts and associated labour, and disclose the terms of the warranties;
* offer consumers their old parts and provide them, if requested; and
* display a sign with specific information about rights and protections for consumers, as well as obligations of repairers.

Repair shops have been screwing consumers ever since the first vehicle was invented, I’m glad to see Manitoba making an effort to protect it’s residents.