Golf Course Green Fees Going Up $2
Image Golfing – Uploaded by turbotoddi

To help fund much-needed upgrades, all City’s of Winnipeg-run golf courses is increasing green fees by $2 per round- this includes Crescent Drive, Harbour View, Kildonan Park and Windsor Park.

Revenues from the $2 increase will be deposited into the Golf Course Reserve to be used to fund capital improvements and much-needed repairs and upgrades at City-run golf courses including, but not limited to:

  • Replacement of course maintenance equipment – 23 pieces of new equipment required (Crescent Drive, Harbour View, Kildonan Park and Windsor Park)
  • Clubhouse refurbishment (Kildonan Park and Windsor Park)
  • Multiple drainage projects, tee box rebuilding and completion of auto cart pathway network (Kildonan Park and Windsor Park)
  • Irrigation system and pump house repair/replacement (Crescent Drive, Harbour View)

The $2 increase will be effective July 20, 2013. Winnipeg Golf Services is estimating approximately $81,000 will be raised from the remainder of the 2013 season to be reinvested into repairs and upgrades and in future years, approximately $160,000 will be raised.

Winnipeg Golf Services will honour all game passes sold and tournaments reserved prior to July 20th, 2013 at the lower rate. (Looks like it’s time to prebuy some passes!)