We had a chance to see Les Misérables during its stop in Winnipeg this week. Newer musicals have recently taken a modern twist to try and bring a younger generation towards the genre. Shows, such as Rock of Ages, feature pop-culture music from Styx and Bon Jovi to attract a wider fan base. But Les Misérables stays true to its roots and brings Winnipeg a true Broadway experience. Its compelling story line, mixed with amazing musical compositions and outstanding set designs, will satisfy anyone musical traditionalist – which only makes sense since it’s one of the world’s longest running musicals.

The show runs just a little over 3 hours with a 15 minute intermission in between acts. Costumes were very well designed. Put those costumes in front of various beautiful set designs and you are completely teleported to France in the 1800s.

When attending a musical, you expect to hear some of the greatest live music you’ve ever heard. Les Misérables not only delivers, but will exceed your expectations. There are no electronic synthesizers; every single note is performed by a live orchestra using string and brass instruments. The vocals were nothing short of perfect. Listening to performances of I Dreamed a Dream and On My Own in its true nature were worth the ticket price alone.

With the Fringe around, and Folklorama just around the corner, there isn’t a shortage of entertainment tickets in Winnipeg. But musicals only come around a few times a year. Make sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience on of the world’s longest and greatest running musicals. [TICKETMASTER]