Folklorama 2013: India Pavilion
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If you’re looking for a more modern Folklorama experience, then the India Pavilion is one you’ll want to see. Performers incorporate traditional India dance sequences to modern pop culture music. There is no shortage of fun as off-stage acts cheer on their fellow performers. You get a real sense of community support and the GRAND finale is truly worth the price of admission.


Food You Must Try: Butter Chicken (A mild curry in which marinaded chicken tikkas are cooked in butter with a makhani sauce)

Drink You Must Try: Old Monk Rum and Coke (India Rum and Coke)

Official Pavilion Information:

Location: Heather Curling Club, 120 Youville St. (Located south of Marion @ Yardley)

Show Time:
Sun, Sat 5:00, 6:45, 8:15, 9:45pm
Mon – Fri 6:45, 8:15, 9:45pm
* See link below for official times

Sun, Sat 4:15pm – 11:00pm
Mon – Fri 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Pavilion Sponsor:
India Association of Manitoba Inc.

Pavilion Coordinator:
Manish Kaushal Mohit Malhotra

Adult Ambassadors:
Shipra Verma
Nish Verma

Youth Ambassadors:
Shivani Trivedi
Ankit Bahl

Come be a part of the total Indian experience, complete with the warm hospitality, at the India Pavilion. Start with a trip to our delicious buffet for a plate of butter chicken, tandoori chicken, or for a vegetarian option try our famous chickpea curry, mixed vegetables, naan, samosas, select desserts and other delicacies. Guaranteed to make your taste buds dance! No trip to the India Pavilion is complete without a trip to the bar! Pair your meal with the distinct taste of Old Monk Rum or a refreshing Kingfisher Beer. Ever wonder what it would feel like to wear a sari (a customary dress for women) or a turban (a customary head dress for men)? Come and try one on at our pavilion! Enjoy our energetic, colourful, eye catching entertainment. On your way out, take a moment to have a local henna artist paint your hands so you can take a part of India with you! [FOLKLORAMA: INDIA PAVILION]