$36 for 48 Full Size Nestle Halloween Chocolate Bars
Image craveyard – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

WagJag has a pretty amazing deal going on right now! For $36.00, you’ll receive 48 full-size Halloween-themed Nestle Chocolate Bars (75 cents each). They’re your favourite classic Nestle chocolate bars in spooky costumes. Limit 1 box of each variety per person. Shipping is included in the price. After the deal closes, product will be mailed directly to the address listed in your account profile. Product will arrive within 2-4 weeks of deal closing date (September 22).

Choose between the following flavours:

  • Kit Kat – box of 48
  • Scaries (Smarties) – box of 48
  • Coffin Crisp (Coffee Crisp) – box of 48
  • ScAero (Aero) – box of 48

Just in time for Halloween! [WAGJAG]