Rogers Alerts Service will TXT Message You Coupons Based on Your Location
Image rogers – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Rogers Wireless customers will now be able to sign up for Rogers Alerts, a new location based service that will SMS you coupons based on where you are. For example: You are walking by a Pizza Hut, Rogers will automatically TXT message you a coupon that reads “Save $5 at Pizza Hut”.

Sears Canada, Future Shop, Pizza Hut Canada, A&W, and Second Cup are among the first retailers to offer Rogers wireless customers personalized, location-based offers through Rogers Alerts.

Rogers customers will have the full power to customize their coupon preferences they want sent to their phone. A current promotion offers $5 off your next wireless bill if you sign up and stay enrolled for at least 30 days. To sign up, simply text RALERTS to 5050.

No more clipping coupons from newspapers and flyers! [ROGERS]