$62.50 Cash If You Own a Toyota or Lexus Vehicle
Image Toyota Corolla GTS – Uploaded by dave_7

If you own or lease a Toyota or Lexus vehicle, you may be eligible to benefit from a Class Action Settlement. A number of Toyota owners have sued Toyota, alleging that their vehicles were affected by a defect that can cause unintended acceleration. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of hundreds of Canadian Toyota consumers. It has now been settled, meaning that the Toyota owners have accepted a package of benefits in exchange for discontinuing the lawsuit.

Toyota’s solution is to install a Brake Override System (BOS) on all affected vehicles. However, some vehicles cannot be equipped with one.

If your vehicle is listed below, it cannot be equipped with BOS or its eligible to be equipped with BOS. Instead, you may be eligible to make a claim for $62.50 cash.

Model Model Years
4Runner 2001-2002
Camry 2002-2006
Camry Solara (2AZ) 2004-2008
Camry Solara (except 2AZ) 2004-2008
Celica (2ZZ) 2003-2005
Corolla (except 2ZZ) 2005-2008
Corolla Matrix (except 1ZZ 4WD, 2ZZ) 2005-2008
FJ Cruiser 2007-2010
Highlander 2004-2007
RAV4 2004-2005
Sequoia 2001-2007
Sienna 2004-2010
Tacoma (5VZ w/ETCS-i) 2003-2004
Tundra (except 5VZ) 2000-2006
Tundra (5VZ) 2003-2004
Yaris Hatchback 2006-2010
Yaris 2007-2010
ES 2002-2006
GS 1998-2010
GX 2004-2010
IS 2001-2005
LS 1998-2010
LX 1998-2007
RX 2004-2009
SC 2002-2010

Toyota and Lexus will offer a free installation of a Brake Override System (BOS) for all other vehicles. Head to http://www.toyotaelsettlement.ca/ for more information.