Burger King: $0.25 Small Coffee
Image Burger King – Uploaded by Travelin’ Librarian

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of coffee deals this month. Tim Hortons has Roll Up The Rim, Second Cup has Latte Tuesdays, McDonalds has FREE coffee, and now Burger King joins the mix with $0.25 Small Coffees!

So why would you choose a 25 cent Burger King coffee when McDonalds is offering it for free? Well McDonalds has a limit of 1 per customer, where at Burger King, you can pick up coffee for the whole office and be the coolest kid on the block!

The 25 cent coffee is available now through March 10, 2014 and comes in 12-ounce cup. Burger King recently moved from their in-house ‘Joe Coffee’ brand to Seattle’s Best Coffee. Its also available in a decaf version. The custom Seattle’s Best Coffee blend is made with 100 percent Latin American Arabica beans. We’ve been having a cold February, and its nice to see some cheap coffee to warm us all up! [BURGER KING]