PHOTO: Roll Up The Rim - Grand Prize Winning Cup
Image rollup – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Ever wonder what a Grand Prize winning Roll Up The Rim To Win cup looks like? Well here you go!

Michelle Bonvie of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia rolled up her Tim Hortons rim to reveal a brand new car. She won on the blue side of the cup which is a 50th Anniversary bonus roll that gives customers a chance to win 1 of 10 2014 Toyota Corolla Sports.

The exact location of the cup was the Tim Hortons location at the Esso gas station in Blue Acres, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. It was purchased around 10:20 a.m. There is another Tims location closer to her job, but she chose the one in Blue Acres simply because it takes fewer left turns to get there. There was also a big lineup when she got there, and she thought about leaving but a car pulled in behind her in the drive thru and locked her in.

The winning cup was a medium tea. The first roll (yellow side) was a loser.

So there you have it… If you ever pull to a Tims for your daily coffee run, don’t drive away! It could be the winning cup! It’ll take up to eight weeks for her to receive her shiny new 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport. [METRO]