$12 for 2 Hours of Archery Shooting for 2 People
Image Archery World Cup – Uploaded by Rick Bolin

This weeks TeamBuy Deal is $12 for 2 hours of Archery Shooting for 2 people (equipment inlcuded) at Heartland Archery.

Archery is one of the world’s oldest and most refined forms of technology, used in everything from warfare to hunting. If you’re a regular World of Warcraft gamer, a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films or simply someone with an interest in traditional crafts and culture, archery may be a dream activity that you just haven’t been able to discover yet! Heartland Archery is the perfect place to discover just how much fun it can be. Their beautiful indoor range can be used any time of year, regardless of the weather, and participants will have access to some of the finest equipment available to date – seasoned archers are welcome to bring their own, but the offer includes the necessary gear so that anyone can get started. Take advantage of this sweet deal and pay them a visit soon. It’s a perfect year-round activity for people of all ages!

Includes 2 hours of archery shooting for 2 people with equipment included. Max 3 per person. Unlimited as gifts. Reservations required, please call (204) 661-5670 to book. Valid anytime between 12-5:30, Monday to Friday. Patrons may also bring their own equipment if they like. Tax not included. Expires September 10, 2014. [TEAMBUY]