Canada Post Reveals More Details on Community Mailboxes
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Canada Post has revealed more details on the upcoming Community Mailbox conversion that will eventually happen throughout Canada. The first phase will take place in the Fall of 2014 and include 12,400 Winnipeg residential addresses and 70 business addresses. If your postal code begins with R2P or R2V, then you will see new Community Mailboxes in the fall. There is no change to delivery in the lobby of an apartment, condo, seniors’ residence or to a rural mailbox.

The change is the result of Canadians mailing less and less each year and using technology (such as email, sms, facebook, etc etc) to communicate. Delivering mail to a community mailbox will cut Canada Post operating costs in half. The R2P and R2V postal codes were chosen because several neighbourhoods in that area already have their mail delivered to a community mailboxe. The operational structure within Canada Post is already in place and should make it an easy transition.

The new community mailboxes will be different from existing ones in the city and have some improved features.

  • Angled top: The top profile of the community mailbox allows rain and snow to drain away from the compartment doors.
  • Larger individual compartments: The locked compartments dedicated to each address are larger. They’re big enough to accept more than 50 per cent of the parcels and packets mailed in Canada. A magazine can lie flat.
  • Larger parcel compartments: Each unit has two parcel compartments. They’re big enough to accept more than 80 per cent of the parcels and packets mailed in Canada. Customers who have an item in one of these compartments will find a key in their individual compartment.
  • Outgoing mail slot: Customers can deposit outgoing mail in this slot, which can accommodate mail twice as wide as the
  • former unit could. It is also where they can return the parcel compartment key.
  • Security: Each compartment has a new kind of secure lock, reflecting Canada Post’s continuing investments in the security of the mail.
  • Design and construction: The unit is built with high-grade aluminum for durability and reliable performance.
  • Sturdy base: The unit is securely attached to a concrete foundation.
  • Dimensions: The unit is 164 cm tall. Canada Post can allocate individual compartments at an appropriate height to better meet the needs of customers with a disability. It is also exploring alternative approaches to meet the needs of Canadians with significant mobility challenges.

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