Winnipeg Sees Many Store Closures in 2014
Image by chicagogeek

It isn’t always about store openings in Winnipeg. Sometimes national aspirations of some companies crash and burn and closures take place cross the country. We just saw that with Grand and Toy closing in Winnipeg Square.

In the last days we have seen two other national retailers falter.

Petcetera on Empress near Polo Park is among six casualties in cities in various provinces that have suddenly closed. The pet store retailer struggles along but it is now out of Manitoba.

Likewise, Jacob has declared bankruptcy and will close all 92 stores in Canada including in St. Vital Shopping Centre.

It will probably be no problem for St. Vital to find a store anxious to replace Jacob. Polo Park and St. Vital are top spots for any up and comer retailer to make their mark.

Polo Park has decided losing Zellers is a good opportunity to invest and is spending $50 million upstairs and down to accommodate H&M and Anthropologie, a Philadelphia-based clothing, accessories and furnishings store. This renovation comes on the heels of the $30 spent in 2007 and the second floor addition in 1987 that cost $75 million.

Retail is a tough business. Expect it to be even harder for some established Canadian retailers to remain attractive to consumers in the future.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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