Microsoft has finally listened to gamers all around the world. Beginning June 9, 2014, stores everywhere will offer a 500GB console without Kinect for $399.99. The original bundle with Kinect will still be available for $499.99.

Microsoft received a lot of heat for choosing to bundle all their consoles with the Kinect motion/voice controller. The bundle resulted in Microsoft having to price their console $100 more than the competition. At launch, the Playstation 4 was priced at $399 (it has been since bumped up to $449 due to the weak Canadian dollar), and the XBOX One was at $499. Playstation 4 has a similar motion/voice controller, but it is available as an optional purchase.

Microsoft took a big hit. Gamers decided to choose the cheaper Playstation 4. The last known numbers shows Sony’s system has been sold to 7 million customers, while the Xbox One has been sold to five million retailers.

The huge sales gap finally forced Microsoft to free themselves of the Kinect.

The new 500GB kinect-less console is now available for preorder at Best Buy and Future Shop.