Globe Theatre Portage Place Will Close June 16
Image by AJ Batac

The Globe Theatre located at Portage Place will close its doors for good on Monday, June 16, 2014. It follows the closing of the Portage Place IMAX back in March 2013.

Declining attendance was the reason for the closure – and to be honest… we can’t remember that last time we saw a movie at Globe Theatre. Landmark Cinemas will now shift it’s focus to their booming Grant Park location which it purchased from Empire Theatres last year.

The Grant Park location will get major renovations in August.

This leaves only two theatres left in downtown Winnipeg: Towne Cinema 8 (also owned by Landmark Cinemas) and Cinematheque.

With the digital age, it’s hard for smaller cinemas to keep up with the state of the art technology at newer theatres. But for some, classic rolling film on a silver screen is still a preferred choice.