Japanese Retailer 'Uniqlo' Destined for Winnipeg

Fashion experts have been discussing where Uniqlo, the fast growing Japanese retailer, will build their stores in Canada and all agreed that Polo Park was is a great first choice.

Yorkdale Mall in Toronto is scheduled to get a new Uniqlo in 2016 coinciding with a massive expansion of the mall. However, it has been reported that Nordstrom will help with the company opening their clothing retail operation in Canada as well. Nordstrom expects to open stores in 2015.

Uniqlo is a casual clothing store for men and women and they have stated flatly, they intend to be the biggest in the world in terms of locations and sales.

Polo Park continues to do a multi-million dollar renovation on the old Zellers site as well as a first floor site for the very large H&M. Do they have room for a large Uniqlo? Will Winnipeg get one before Yorkdale in Toronto?

There is no doubt that they second floor will be ready in the next several months and it is unlikely a more choice spot will come up as soon as this.

As the insiders were saying… maybe Seasons of Tuxedo lands a Uniqlo first.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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