MPI Looking to Increase Rates For the Second Year in a Row
Image Franklin St & Elliot Rd – Uploaded by triplezero

For the second year in a row, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) will be asking the Public Utilities Board (PUB) for a rate increase. The overall rate increase requested is 3.4%.

In 2013, MPI requested a 1.8% rate increase but the PUB declined. The overall increase ended up being 0.9%.

MPI saw a record winter for collision claims as well as an overall increase in collision claims and claims costs. The record setting winter saw claims costs jump 13.5%.

With the 3.4% increase, more than half of policy holders will see a rate increase of $20 or less per year or a decrease in their premium.

Of the 3.4% proposed increase, 2.4% will go to Basic insurance and 1% will be used to help replenish the Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund (RSR). The RSR is used to help cover unexpected cost increases from events such as the extreme winter we just had.

If approved, the average passenger vehicle premium will be $949.

A total of 168,000 collision claims were opened in 2013-14, compared to 160,000 the year previous. The average claim collision cost was about $3,000 ─ a 9.12% increase over the previous year.

On the plus side… motorcycle rates (excluding mopeds/small-engine displacement motor scooters) will get a 6.1% decrease ─ or $61 per vehicle. If approved, the average motorcycle rate will decrease to $939 from $1,000.