Protect Your Home from Basement Flooding
Image by thebees

There is currently an increased risk of basement flooding due to high river levels and heavy rain. The Red River is currently at 15.85 ft. and is forecast to go up to 16.7 ft. in the coming weeks.

High river levels increase the risk of basement flooding across the City. Although basement flooding is a risk any time of the year, the risk increases with high river levels because the sewer system must then rely heavily on pumping stations rather than gravity to carry the rainfall runoff.

Steps you can take to protect your home
The following measures can greatly reduce the risk of sewer backup and basement flooding:

  • Install a backwater valve and sump pit drainage system
  • Check and maintain your backwater valve and sump pit drainage system regularly
  • Improve drainage around your house so that water flows away from your basement walls and doesn’t pool next to the basement walls or basement windows

Don’t forget that it’s illegal to drain sump pump water into the basement floor drain or any other part of the house plumbing system, as it will overtax the sewer system placing their basement and those of their neighbours at risk of flooding and damage.

Homeowners are also reminded about the Basement Flood Protection Subsidy Program. The program was launched by the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg in 2011 to help homeowners protect their basements from flooding caused by overloaded sewers during severe weather (e.g., heavy rain, high river levels).

More information on basement flood protection and the Basement Flood Protection Subsidy Program is available on the following web pages:

For information on the current river levels, visit: City of Winnipeg – River Levels.