Walmart: $5.94 for Mens or Womens Water Shoes

As part of their Canadian 20th Anniversary sale, currently has some water shoes on sale for only $5.94 with free shipping to your doorstep!

Various sizes available in both mens and womens:

The shoes are waterproof slip on’s with a non-slip outsole.

Benefits of water shoes:

  1. Lightweight! Water shoes are very light because they don’t hold and absorb water. So, keep your feet light and happy by not wearing regular shoes when you plan on going into the water.
  2. Quickly drain out the shoe! Water shoes are specifically designed to not absorb or hold water. Water Shoes contains numerous drain holes and special fabric that allows the water to escape.
  3. Thick sole! They don’t want you to feel poking the bottom of your foot while you step on rocks or in the water.

We’ve got some rocky beaches in Winnipeg. Water shoes, or Aquasocks, are the best way to protect your organic walking tools. [WALMART]