Walmart Lock&Lock 18-Piece Container Set $13.88

Meal prepping is one of the healthiest and affordable things you can do. Fast food for lunch, though convenient, will really hurt the wallet and your body.

New to meal prepping? Then read this great Meal Prep for Beginners Guide.

To help with meal prepping, Walmart has this 18-Piece Lock&Lock Classic container set on sale for only $13.88 (originally $19.93). The containers feature a four-side locking system that are 100% air and liquid tight. It’s perfect for storing and re-heating your food.

The set includes:

  • 1x 100ml round
  • 1x 180ml rectangular
  • 1x 300ml round
  • 1x 350ml rectangular
  • 1x 430ml square
  • 1x 600ml round
  • 1x 800ml rectangular
  • 1x 870ml square
  • 1x 1.1L rectangular

Don’t forget, everything ordered at ships FREE. Happy meal prepping! [WALMART]