Winnipeg Mother and Son Duo to Compete in Amazing Race Canada Season 2

In the debut season of Amazing Race Canada, Winnipeg father and son duo, Tim Hague Junior and Senior, took home the title. Can a Winnipeg mother and son duo do it this time around?

19 year old Cormac Foster and his mother Nicole will be competing in Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada. Cormac is a bio engineering student at the University of Manitoba and Nicole is a residence manager at a nursing home.

Cormac and Nicole often get mistaken for being brother and sister, and they hope that the other teams will underestimate them when they find out they’re mother and son.

“Once they know it’s mom and son it might be like, ‘Oh it’s his mom.’ That’s our hope. So that we can maybe sneak in there as kind of an underdog,” says Nicole.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 2 premieres on Tuesday, July 8 on CTV.