Assiniboine Park Zoo Now Open with Journey to Churchill Exhibit

The highly anticipated 10-acre Journey to Churchill Exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo is now open to the public.

The exhibit features expansive new habitats for polar bears, arctic foxes, muskox, snowy owls and seals. It also features an eight minute film experience inside Manitoba’s largest 360-degree theatre. There’s a lot of interactive elements in the exhibit plus an incredible underwater viewing tunnel that will showcase swimming polar bears!

A large line up of visitors are expected this weekend. Visitors are encouraged to purchase their tickets at a new online sales window at

General Adult admission has gone up from $10.24 to $18.50. However, to make the Zoo an accessible destination for all Manitobans, they’ve introduced new group discounts and bulk rates. On top of that, they’ve introduced Ten-Dollar Tuesdays where anyone can come to the Zoo for only $10. The free admission age has been moved from under two to under three.

New Rate Structure for Assiniboine Park Zoo DAILY ADMISSION RATES
*Prices not including GST CURRENT JULY 03/2014 TUESDAYS

(as of July 08/2014)

Park & Zoo Members FREE with membership FREE with membership FREE with membership
Adults (18-59) $10.24 $18.50 $10.00
Seniors (60 years +) $8.24 $14.81 $10.00
Youth (13-17 years) $8.24 $14.81 $10.00
Children (3-12 years) $6.62 $10.00 $10.00
Under 3 years

*Previously under 2 years

Group Discount: 15% savings on groups of 30 or more

Bulk Tickets: Average savings of 20% on booklets of 11 tickets


*Prices include GST PREVIOUS APRIL 01/14
Family (up to two adults and three children/youth) $115 $189
Adult (18-59) $45 $65
Seniors (60 years +) $25 $55
Youth (13-17 years) $25 $55
Children (3-12 years) $15 (with purchase of Adult Membership)

$25 (without)

$30 (with purchase of Adult Membership)

$40 (without)

Under 3 years

*Previously under 2 years

Ex. Family of four would typically recoup costs in three visits or less.