How to Watch USA Netflix in Canada on iPhone and iPad with Free VPN
Image by swanksalot

It’s no secret that the USA version of Netflix is far superior to the Canadian equivalent. They’ve got better movies, better shows, better content.

If you want to watch the USA version of Netflix in Canada the first thing you need to have is an American IP address… the Netflix app will only give you USA content if it thinks you are in the USA.

That’s where this free VPN from Onavo Protect comes into place. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects you to a U.S. network so you can get USA Netflix content.

VPN 101: Think of VPN as a courier. When you go to a bank, you’re not allowed to withdraw money unless your name is on the bank account. Same thing with Netflix, you can’t get US content unless you are… well American.

What a VPN does is they ‘courier’ the data for you. Essentially, they are authorized holders of the bank account. So on your request, they can go to the bank, withdraw money from that account, and then hand it over to you. In Netflix Terms: The VPN is grabbing U.S. content from Netflix (since they are American) and then sending it over to you.

The down side of this? That courier can see EVERYTHING that you do. So if Onavo is your VPN, they will see what movies you are watching on Netflix… if you’re paranoid about your privacy, then this isn’t for you.

Head over to for a full guide on setting up the Onavo Protect VPN for all your US Netflix needs!!!

REMEMBER: Always turn off the VPN when you’re not using it to protect your privacy!!! Logging into your bank account (even though its encrypted) while on a VPN is big NO-NO! [IPHONEINCANADA]