Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop Opening at Polo Park Mall
Image by lonelycoo

Coming on the heels of opening at Kenaston Common early this year, Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop will opening in Polo Park very soon.

Several local barbershops have taken up the challenge of being more geared to men and now a chain is taking it to the malls and strip malls. Polo park used to have a more traditional barbershop near Sears prior to the expansion in the 1980s but it gave way to more modern salon styles.

Tommy Gun’s put the man back in the picture. It has iPads, bubble hockey and flat screens filled with sports to watch even as you get your cut and shave.

In some ways this is Back to the Future for Polo Park to get the old time barbershop back. It looks good on them.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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