NBA 2K has been one of the most successful sports video game franchises in the world. Every year, it finds a way to innovate and create something more than a roster update.

In the upcoming NBA 2K15, gamers will have the option to digitally craft lifelike 3D renditions of their faces onto virtual players. You’ll need to have a Kinect Camera on your XBOX One, or a Playstation Camera on your PS4 for it to work. The technology utilizes the stereoscopic cameras to collect several angles of gamers’ faces. It then renders 3D models on screen that can be tweaked and placed onto the bodies of virtual players. The process requires a well-lit room and takes about three minutes.

Its amazing how much NBA video games have evolved through the years. In celebration, the video above shows exactly how far we’ve moved ahead.

Note the difference between NBA Live 98 and NBA Live 99!

NBA 2K15 hits stores on October 7, 2014.