Door-to-Door Mail Service Ends Today for More Than 12,000 Homes
Image Canada Post – Uploaded by TheGiantVermin

Canada Post will end door-to-door mail service to 12,400 homeowners and 70 businesses located in The Maples, Garden City, West Kildonan, and Margaret Park. They will now get their mail via community mailboxes.

This completes Phase 1 of the change over which included homes and businesses with postal codes beginning in R2P and R2V.

Phase 2 will include postal codes R2R and R2X and will happen in early 2015. Every home in Canada will be converted over by 2019.

The change is the result of Canadians mailing less and less each year and using technology (such as email, sms, facebook, etc etc) to communicate. Delivering mail to a community mailbox will cut Canada Post operating costs in half.

One advantage of a Community Mailbox vs Doorstep service is the Parcel drop box. Homeowners receiving a parcel will get a ‘key’ in their community mailbox slot that opens a separate box containing their parcel. It avoids making the drive to the local post office when you miss a parcel drop off.

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