E-Cigarettes Now Banned From Winnipeg School Division Grounds
Image by pixelblume

The Winnipeg School Division has banned e-cigarettes (vapes) from school grounds. Thank goodness.

We’ve always been firm believers that e-cigarettes is a gateway for children to real cigarettes. They have no place on school grounds. Banning them couldn’t come any sooner. Let’s hope other school divisions follow.

The ban applies to staff, students, parents, and guests.

How E-Cigarettes Work: an atomizer heats liquid (often called “e-juice”) to its boiling point and that becomes vapor you can inhale. The liquid may or may not contain nicotine. Since the vapor is harmless, you’ll often see people ‘vaping’ indoors where smoking is prohibited.

E-cigarettes are not restricted in Manitoba so each establishment (schools, restaurants, etc) are responsible for setting their own rules. Red River College has restricted vaping e-cigarettes at smoking areas only.

The city of Vancouver has already banned the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces and the sale of the devices to minors.