Longtime Winnipeg Free Press Columnist Dies
Image by wpgfdn

Lindor Reynolds lost her 15 month battle against cancer last night at age 56.

The long time Free Press columnist had over 20 years at the big paper and wrote on nearly every subject. She had her fans and her detractors as befits anyone writing in any medium.

Her last days were spent at Riverview Health Centre. In her last contribution to the paper she spoke of the care of both the health professionals and from family and friends.

The age of 56 seems to young to go with four daughters still needing mom around for the big moments in their lives. She was able to attend one of her daughter’s marriages in recent months.

Our family made their annual contribution to Riverview Health Foundation this year. The health facility had been there to help build up some of our family members so they could go home and they have been there at the end when tender cars was needed most.

Lindor Reynolds helped raise money for many charities in her life but perhaps a thought could be given to Riverview as most of us in Manitoba may have a family member who needs their help.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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