Gas Prices Drop to Under $1.10 Per Litre in Winnipeg
Image by ajbatac

Gas prices have dropped to under $1 per litre at some gas stations in Winnipeg.

Two Demo locations at Henderson Hwy near Mossdale Ave and Watt St/Kimberley Ave currently has the lowest price in the city at 99.4 per litre. Costco is selling gas at 99.9 per litre. However, to purchase gas at Costco you’ll need a membership. The St. James Costco does not have a gas bar.

The average price for gas in Winnipeg is now sitting at $1.05 per litre. This years high was back in June when gas was just under $1.40 per litre.

Gas prices have been the lowest they’ve been in 2 years due to a surplus of supply in the global crude market. The cost of crude dropped from US$10 per barrel to US$85.

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