The Winnipeg Blue Bombers is bringing back “Section S” – this time it will be called the Fanatic Fan Zone in Sections 140 and 141.

The Fanatic Fan Zone is designed to house the loudest fans. Its tailored for fans who stand on their feet the whole game and dress in Bomber gear from head to toe.

The section will see a reduction in price by $50.00, making it more affordable to sit in the lower bowl.

The Fanatic Fan Zone will also see the return of the beer snake. This will be the only section in the stadium where beer snakes are allowed.

“We are always listening to our fans. They’ve told us they want a place where they can stand on their feet all game, wear their craziest Bomber gear, and cheer at top volume from the opening whistle until the final snap. We created this area so these fans can enjoy the game in their unique way, without disturbing some of our more traditional fans,” said Wade Miller, president and CEO of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Season Tickets in the Fanatic Fan Zone will cost $338.50.

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