Mexx: 50% OFF Everything
Image The stairs to Mexx – Uploaded by Kees van Mansom

The Mexx store in Polo PArk still had the new store smell in it when it opened just prior to Christmas. Now it and the Kenaston location will be closing shortly due to bankruptcy. Earlier in the month of December the Dutch
owners filed for financial protection and a decision was made to close all 170 Canadian stores.

The retail market has been a tough one. Just ask Target Canada how they feel about the losses they have mounted since opening stores across the border.

Mexx opened in Polo Park very recently to some fanfare but there was evidence elsewhere that the company was struggling with some store closings and a website that had been taken down and then when back up was not well maintained.

There should be no shortage of retailers wanting to jump on Mexx’s Winnipeg properties at Polo Park and the one at Kenaston. Still, one wonders what the trend is in bricks and mortar retailing.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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