2014 Holiday Season Checkstop Program - Final Numbers
Image Police Car Lights – Uploaded by appleswitch

The Winnipeg Police Service Central Traffic Unit has released the final results from the 2014 Festive Season Check Stop Program.

  • 2229 vehicles stopped
  • 233 roadside breath tests administered
  • 33 of those were ASD WARNS which resulted in 24 hr drivers licence suspensions
  • 12 of those resulted in a ASD FAIL
  • 45 Drive Impaired/Drive Over 80mg%/Refusal charges
  • 200 PONS
  • 9 Other arrests

Breakdown of the 45 Drive Impaired/Drive Over 80mg%/Refusal charges:

Of the impaired arrests, the highest BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) found was 310 mg%! The lowest was 60 mg% and the average BAC of those arrested was 143 mg%.

In total, 39 males and 6 females were arrested. The youngest was 20 years old and the oldest was 69 years old. The average age was 38 years old.