Target Canada has once again increased its liquidation discounts. All merchandise is now 30% – 50% OFF.

As with all liquidations, the discounts are getting larger over time. Target started everything at 5% – 30%, 20% – 40%, and recently 25% – 40%.

Target’s POS systems have been taken over by the liquidators which has not been able to keep up with the demand. Expect very slow check out times. Make sure your phone is fully charged since you’ll be playing a lot of games while in line.

Expect discounts to get larger again in a few weeks.

Gift Cards:
Target Canada will accept gift cards throughout the liquidation period. U.S. Target stores will not (and have never) accept Target Canada gift cards.

Target will continue to accept returns according to pre-existing policies. Once the liquidation process begins, all previously purchased items as well as those purchased during the liquidation process will be final sale. If you have a return, make sure to do it before the liquidation process!

Protection Plans and Warranties:
Bought one of those big TV’s during Black Friday or Boxing Day? Guests should call the company that issued the warranty for additional questions.

Red Cards:
Red Cards will be accepted until the close of stores and you must pay all balances by the date listed on the final purchase.

If you have any specific questions, you can contact Target’s customer relations team at 1.800.440.0680 or