Annual Summer Water Meter Reading Starts May 6

The city’s annual Summer water meter reading starts Wednesday, May 6, 2015. The program will run until the end of August.

Winnipeggers are reminded to practice caution when letting in meter readers. The City water meter readers will be visiting homes on weekdays between 2:30pm and dusk.

They will be dressed in dark blue pants or shorts, and a light blue striped shirt with a City of Winnipeg Water and Waste logo over the pocket. All readers wear photo identification and carry a hand-held computer.

Meter readings are required four times a year. The City assists customers with this by:

  • mailing a meter reading reminder card three times a year (from September to May), and
  • visiting homes during the summer (from May to August) to read the water meter.

Regular meter readings prevent estimated bills and can assist in the early detection of costly plumbing leaks.