Amazon E3 Expo Deal: Preorder 3 Games and Get 30% OFF
Image by nixiepixel

Did you know that a brand new video game on release date will now run you around $80?

Video game prices have sure gone up! Which is why we look forward to Amazon’s E3 Expo every year.
Pre-order 3 or more games and get 30% off using promo code E3SAVE30. 3 games too much for you? Pre-order 2 games and get 20% off using promo code E3SAVE20.

Click here for a list of video games available for preorder.

The beauty of pre-ordering from is if the price changes between now and release date, your order will automatically adjust for the lower price.

Your also not charged anything until the item ships. So if you pre-order 3 games, you’ll only be charged when each individual game ships.

Happy gaming! [AMAZON]