New Way to Fight Parking Tickets in 2016
Image by kdingo

Beginning mid-2016, you’ll no longer go in front of a Provincial Court Judge to fight a parking ticket.

Anyone looking to fight a ticket will now appear before a City of Winnipeg Screening Officer who will review the circumstances of the ticket.

If a motorist still doesn’t agree with the decision of the Screening Officer, they’ll no longer go to Provincial Court to contest the ticket. Instead, they’ll appear before a Provincially-appointed Adjudicator located at the Parking Authority offices to dispute the ticket.

All existing ticket payment methods (online, by mail or in person at the Parking Authority) will remain the same.

The City of Winnipeg is expected to see upfront costs, as well as ongoing costs of approximately $550,000 a year associated with the Screening Officers and the Provincially-appointed Adjudicators.