Simons Department Store Coming to Winnipeg

Last week the head of La Maison Simons announced the worst kept secret of their expansion plans: That they are coming to Winnipeg. The Quebec-based department store started by the Simons family from Scotland in 1840 are coming to Vancouver and Mississauga and second location in Edmonton soon. The first Simons outside Quebec was built in the West Edmonton Mall in 2012.

The rumour has been that Simons has their eye on the former Target store at Polo Park. Cadillac Fairfiew, the owner of Polo Park bought the site when Target shut down and Nordstrom’s, Sak’s, Simons and Lowe’s are all kicking the tires. The 100,000 square foot location is a big spot to fill but Polo Park is the 13th best shopping mall in Canada for a retailer to be located.

This is not the first time rumours on Nordstrom’s and Simons have been heard in regards to Polo Park. The old Zellers site was looked at on the second floor but there were concerns about about how much traffic that location could attract for a department store. Moreover, there are many retailers waiting for Sears to leave Polo Park to take over that site.

Sears might try to stay in Polo Park to the bitter end. Many think that the company may not make it to 2016. Still, waiting for the death to happen might be a wait and the newly built and now empty Target location awaits.

Simons in indeed coming to Winnipeg as their president says. There is not a major retailer in Canada who doesn’t have the mall on their list of dream locations. Expect an announcement soon.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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