7-Eleven's Name Your Price for a Large Slurpee Returns September 16

It’s back! On Wednesday, September 16, 2015 head over to 7-Eleven and pay whatever you want for a Large Slurpee!

Name Your Price Day allows you to decide what you’ll pay for a Large Slurpee.

100% of whatever you pay is donated to Food Banks Canada supporting local food banks. Every dollar raised equals 3 meals for people in need.

Some Facts:

  • 360,000 meals were provided last year as a result of 7-11’s donation to Food Banks Canada.
  • 7-11 customers provided 360,000 meals last year to the more than 840,000 people who turn to food banks each month, more than a 1/3 of which are children.
  • 580,000 people use food banks every day – enough people to fill Rogers Arena 17 times over
  • 37% of those helped are children
  • $1 raised = 3 meals
  • National Food Sharing System is incredibly efficient, delivering $20 worth of food for every $1 invested.
  • 6,200 school buses full of children are helped by food banks each month across Canada. Slurpee fans in 2014 provided 360,000 meals last year from Slurpee Name Your Price Day.

Last year the promotion raised over $120K to provide over 360,000 meals for Canadians. As Slurpee Capital of the world, let’s try to do even better this year!